Unit 9 p1m1 in this assignment

Phases of SDLC can be divided into 5 phases: Requirement Analysis — This is the initial step in project development. Design — In this phase actual structure of project is designed.

Unit 9 p1m1 in this assignment

Unit 8 Assigment 1 P1 M1 by Jordan Thompson on Prezi

Because of this, there are special bits used to enable or disable interrupts. It is easy to recognize them by the letters IE contained in their names stands for Interrupt Enable.

Besides, each interrupt is associated with another bit called the flag which indicates that an interrupt request has arrived regardless of whether it is enabled or not. They are also easily recognizable by the last two letters contained in their names- IF Interrupt Flag.

Unit 9 p1m1 in this assignment

As seen, everything is based on a simple and efficient idea. When an interrupt request arrives, the flag bit is set first.

If the appropriate IE bit is not set 0this condition will be completely ignored. Otherwise, an interrupt occurs!

If several interrupt sources are enabled, it is necessary to detect the active one before the interrupt routine starts execution. Source detection is performed by checking flag bits. It is important to know that the flag bits are not automatically cleared, but by software while the interrupt routine execution is in progress.

If we neglect this detail, another interrupt will occur immediately after returning to the main program, even though there are no more requests for its execution.

Simply put, the flag, as well as the IE bit, remain set. All interrupt sources typical of the PIC16F microcontroller are shown on the next page.

Unit 9 p1m1 in this assignment

The GIE bit enables all unmasked interrupts and disables all interrupts simultaneously. The PEIE bit enables all unmasked peripheral interrupts and disables all peripheral interrupts. To enable an interrupt caused by changing logic state on PORTB, it is necessary to enable it for each bit separately.

When configured as inputs, PORTB pins may cause an interrupt by changing their logic state no matter whether it is high-to-low transition or vice versa, the fact that something is changed only matters.

This bit determines whether an interrupt is to occur or not.

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In every interrupt rutine, variable cnt will be incremented by 1. This bit must be cleared from within the software before returning from the interrupt service routine. Depending on operating mode, capture or compare match has occurred. In both cases, bit must be cleared in software. This bit is not used in PWM mode.

This bit must be cleared from within the software prior to returning from the interrupt service routine. This bit must be cleared from within the software. In both cases, the bit must be cleared from within the software.Mar 09,  · Re: pic16f controlling spwm /03/09 0 (1) You need to update the waveform cycle by cycle, otherwise a load starts to draw a large current, the output drops, and if the load has smart controls, its MCU detects a brownout and shuts it off before the inverter can prepare and select the new waveform table.

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The syntax of the turnin command is: turnin ASSIGNMENT-NAME file where ASSIGNMENT-NAME is one of the following strings: Deliverable Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Rollout ASSIGNMENT-NAME csp1m1 csp1m2 csp1m3 csp1r and .

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